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Olney ISD recognizes that there is a need to protect the investment in Chromebooks by both the District and the Student/Parent. This document outlines our option for the purchase of a protection plan of the Chromebook against damage, loss, and theft. This plan may be purchased at any time after the Chromebook is issued. The cost for this coverage is $50.00 per year. If coverage was not purchased at the time of issue it is a requirement that the unit be assessed for damages before coverage is added. Payment must be made and verified before coverage starts. This is a completely optional plan offered by Olney ISD as a service to parents and students.


  • Protection is available for students and parents to aid in the cost to cover the Chromebook and case replacement in the event of theft, accidental damage, or loss. Adherence to the OISD Technology and Network Acceptable Use Policy is required for plan coverage to be in force.
  • Students and parents/guardians will be responsible for the full cost to repair or replace the Chromebook and all accessories if the OISD Protection Plan is not purchased, or with a protection plan if three or more incidents occurs within the coverage period. Repair rates are subject to change without notice.
  • A maximum of two (2) claims which may include either theft, accompanied by a police report, loss, or an accident from handling that is the result of an unexpected and unintentional external event that arises from your normal daily usage, can be made and fulfilled using a student’s protection plan. Protection plan coverage will be terminated after a second claim in one year. Students are permitted to purchase the OISD Protection Plan a second time for the coverage period.
  • Claims must be processed by the campus principal and designated staff.



  • In the event of an accidental damage claim:
    • The cost responsible by student and parent/guardian is $0.
    • All damage claims will need to be reported within a reasonable amount of time
  • In the event of a theft claim:
    • A police report and case number must be filed by the student or guardian with evidence of theft or the cost of replacement may rest with the student
  • In the event of a lost claim:
    • Missing laptops must be reported within 24 hours or the cost of replacement may rest with the student.
  • In the event the Chromebook and case are damaged intentionally or recklessly, even if coverage was purchased, it is the campus principal's discretion to decide whether or not the student or students responsible will be charged 100% of the cost to replace or repair the damaged device and accessories.
  • Failure to keep the Chromebook in the district issued protective case will forfeit your coverage.
  • If coverage was not purchased for the issued Chromebook and case, then the parent/guardian and student will be responsible for the full amount for repair or replacement.

This document and the OISD Chromebook protection plan terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Please see the district website for the updates and information.

If you are interested in this optional coverage please contact your child's campus principal.


Dr. Greg Roach


Olney ISD