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The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.  Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

  • Students are expected to maintain proper personal hygiene. Hair must be neat and clean. Extreme styles or color are not acceptable. Only natural hair colors are acceptable.  Males are expected to have hair no longer than the top of a dress shirt collar and not falling below the eyebrow. Sideburns must not extend below the earlobe. Ponytails are prohibited for males.

  • Shorts, skirts or dresses must be mid thigh or lower. No bicycle shorts, spandex, athletic or jogging shorts are allowed. Shorts must be hemmed and have no holes or cutouts.

  • Strapless, transparent, tight, low-cut, or revealing clothes may not be worn to school.

  • Inappropriate clothing includes any casual beach-like attire, including backless blouses, off the shoulder blouses/dresses, halter type tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps, or pants, shirts and sleeves that have been cut off.  Blouses/shirts must be tucked in or be below the waistband when arms are extended overhead. No stomach should be visible with normal movement.

  • No hats, caps, sunglasses, do-rags or bandanas are to be worn in any school building at any time.

  • Raincoats, trench coats, and other full-length over garments, worn to school due to inclement weather must be stored in the locker. Such garments may not be worn inside the building.

  • No clothing or accessory may be worn which refers to violence, cadavers, gangs, alcohol,

  • Drugs, tobacco, obscene language, satanic symbols or which could be construed to have an offensive meaning or a sexual connotation. Ghoulish attire will not be allowed. Pants may not be excessively baggy or hang below the natural waistline.

  • It is never appropriate for students to wear house slippers, pajamas, or bedclothes to school. Students should never bring blankets or pillows to school.

  • Noisy or distracting jewelry or accessories may not be worn. Such items as nose, eye, tongue, and lip ornaments or studs are prohibited. Gauges and spacers are prohibited for all students.  Males are not allowed to wear earrings, ear studs, or ear ornaments on campus, at school or at any school- related activity or event, including athletic events or graduation ceremony, including spacers. Large chains (including wallet chains) are prohibited. Visible tattoos are prohibited at school or any school-related events

  • Items that are prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct will be confiscated. 

  • Each year there are “fads” that show up on our campuses. We are neither listing these nor making a regulation to cover all problems that may arise. When a fad starts on a campus and becomes a distraction, is shall be immediately eliminated. It is impractical to list every possibility of dress and grooming.

  • Infractions of the dress code will result in the student being sent to the office. Dress and

    grooming violations will result in disciplinary actions, such as lunch detentions, afterschool detentions, and in-school suspension. Parents may be contacted. Parents may bring the student more appropriate clothing.


If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school.  If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.  Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.