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JH Girls Basketball 1/27

JH Girls Basketball @ Archer City 5:00 PM


If your student has symptoms of COVID-19, keep them at home and follow doctor's orders. Please do NOT send them to school.

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ALL HS Basketball 1/25

ALL HS Basketball vs. Windthorst 4:30 PM

JH Girls Basketball Tournament 1/22

JH Girls Basketball Tournament in Olney

JH Boys Basketball 1/27

JH Boys Basketball vs. Archer City 5:00 PM


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We are glad you are here. Whether you are one of our students, a parent of a student, or just here to visit and look around, we hope you feel at home. 

Dedicated teachers, administrators, staff and school board members work toward the vision, mission and beliefs of Olney ISD every day.

Vision Statement... 

Preparing every student for a promising future

Mission Statement... 

Partner with our parents and community to empower students to be independent critical thinkers and responsible citizens who excel in their future endeavors


We Believe...

• Education is the foundation of our community

• Our decisions and actions are student-centered...KIDS COME FIRST

• The success of each student is the shared responsibility of our students, families, schools and community

• All students have unique talents, gifts, and abilities and should use them to positively impact the world

• In honoring our traditions and cultivating a culture of lifelong Cub Pride

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