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OJHS State TMSCA Results

Posted Date: 04/03/2023

OJHS State TMSCA Results

Olney Junior High earned third place overall of fourteen 1A/2A schools in the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State Meet on Saturday, April 1, 2023 in San Antonio.

Team Results

4th place Number Sense team:  Sophie Roach, Braelyn Casteel, Darla Castillo, Harris Sullivan

2nd place Calculator team:  Sophie Roach, Darla Castillo, Braelyn Casteel, AJ Solano

3rd Place Mathematics team: Sophie Roach, Darla Castillo, Foster Sullivan, Shaine Grard

2nd place Science Team: Colby Johnson, Foster Sullivan, Ava Stewart, Jasmine Bryan


Individual Results

8th Grade

Benjamin Baran -  19th Science

Braelyn Casteel – 9th Number Sense, 8th Calculator

Darla Castillo – 14th Number Sense, 6th Calculator, 7th Math

Aubree Englishbee – 17th Math

Colby Johnson – 15th Math, 3rd Science

Marlee Lane – 10th Calculator

Sophie Roach – 1st Number Sense, 3rd, Calculator, 4th Math, 17th Science

Ava Stewart – 10th Science

Foster Sullivan – 19th Number Sense, 12th Mathematics, 8th Science



7th Grade

Mackenzie Berngen – 18th Number Sense, 15th Science

Jasmine Bryan – 7th Science

Jacobi Esquivel – 19th Calculator, 17th Math

Shaine Grard – 9th Math

Victoria Pint - 13th Science

Bennett Powers – 19th Science

AJ Solano – 4th Calculator


6th Grade

Kendall Bailey – 16th Science

Jett Brock – 20th Number Sense, 4th Math, 9th Science

Abram Dinwiddie – 8th Science

Pedro Gonzalez – 8th Math

Grace Jeske – 5th Science

Samuel Lee – 2nd Calculator, 10th Math

Odin Savard – 16th Number Sense, 6th Math, 6th Science

Harris Sullivan – 8th Number Sense, 8th Calculator, 9th Math, 4th Science