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Alma Mater/Fight Song

Both the Olney School Song and the Olney Fight Song appeared for the first time in the 1952 Yearbook. Through the years, words had been modified and changed and in researching and speaking to several Olney graduates from different generations, each generation remembered them differently. 

The Olney ISD Board of Trustees reaffirmed these as the official words on May 24, 2021 for both the School Song and the Fight Song. 

Olney School Song

Dear Olney High,
with your colors red and white,
Oh, long may they wave
For your right we’ll always fight.
Your victories are great,
many honors you have won;
to dear Olney High,
may your praises all be sung.



Olney Fight Song

Fight, Cubs, win, Cubs
win this game for dear old Olney High.
Take a step toward the score
to make our colors fly!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
All our faith is in you to stay.
We’ll stand by you all of the way.
Victory will be our aim,
and fighting will be our fame.
Rah, rah, OHS! Rah, Rah, OHS!