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Biology Club

Belize Student Spotlight

Richard Walp

Richard Walp

Richard is a senior at Olney High School and has taken AP Biology and is currently enrolled in Dual Credit Anatomy and Physiology. Richard plans to attend Texas State University and become a high school math teacher or a professor of philosphy.

Richard has never travelled internationally and signed up for the Belize trip becuase he enjoys learning about ecology. He is excited to see some ecological aspects that differ from our local ecology zones.

Richard really enjoys learning about genetics due to the way genes open our view on evolutionary history of life on Earth.

Richard’s Top Animal to See in Belize:

Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)


Click the link below if you’d like to donate to Richards’s Belize tuition account!

Richard's EPI Fundraiser Page




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Countdown to Belize!

Countdown to Belize!