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8th Grade Band Excels in Evaluations

Posted Date: 04/12/2023

8th Grade Band Excels in Evaluations

Members of the Varsity (Eighth Grade Band) received an “excellent” rating in Concert performance and a “superior” rating in Sight-reading which earned the group a plaque. Mrs. Marilyn K. Bennett conducted the group in both events. Concert selections included “Freedom March” by Dennis Eveland, “Annunciation” by Michael Story, and “Egyptique” by William Owens.

Judges for the Concert portion of the evaluation were Mr. Asa Burk (retired) – Fort Worth, Mr. Brian Wilson - Denton High School, and Mr. Evan Fletcher, Argyle Junior High.

Judges for Sightreading were Mr. J. B. Perry (retired) – Springtown, Mr. Dallas Bayless – Lubbock High School, and Dr. Ross Grant (retired) – Argyle.